41-year-old Louisiana Republican Congressman-Elect Dies Of COVID-19


Louisiana congressman-elect Luke Letlow, who was to be sworn into Congress on Sunday has died. He was in the ICU since December 23. Business Insider:

The 41-year-old announced he tested positive for the coronavirus on December 18. The next day he was admitted to St. Francis Medical Center as his symptoms persisted, the Monroe News Star reported. On December 22, he was transferred to Ochsner LSU Health ICU where he died.

While a patient at St. Francis Medical Center, Letlow encouraged his constituents to donate blood and plasma.

“While here, I’ve learned firsthand how important plasma and blood donations are during this pandemic,” he wrote in a Facebook message. “For those who’ve had Covid already, your plasma is ESPECIALLY needed by those who are suffering. I cannot stress this enough. Please consider saving lives by going out and donating at your local blood bank. It may very well be the gift of life that you are giving a family this Christmas.”

This is truly tragic. This young man — and 41 is young by any standard — was obviously ambitious and moving upward. It is a shame that he couldn’t realize the dream that he worked for. My heart goes out to him.

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Another one of the orange fools victims

Facts hurt
Facts hurt

Sorry not sorry