A means to an end. Joe Biden sets the record straight on the election.

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The electoral college met and cast their votes as expected for Joe Biden. It seems not everyone is hooked on the Trump Derangement Syndicate. The elected officials in charge of the state votes stuck to the constitution and not to a failed Flim-Fam Artist Trump. Now the truly remarkable event that happened with the electoral college vote was that Joe Biden finally came out with a scathing takedown of the malarkey surrounding this year’s election. Although trump had some sixty court cases with some eighty judges all of his cases have been thrown out as not having merit. Even dried-up McConnell has said that Joe Biden will be our next president. That must have taken a couple hits off some good Kentucky bourbon. Now, Joe Biden went on to elaborate on all that’s going on with Trump and his sycophants. They have been trying to disenfranchise some twenty million votes. There are others in power across the country that have said Joe Biden is our next president. They have come out and said that not on our watch. It should be noted that this is a totally bipartisan effort. There still is a faction that’s trying to subvert the votes cast. Apparently, this trump disease outranks the Covid disease. As Joe Biden said, thank god that there are still people that believe in the constitution as written. In this battle for America, democracy survived.

But the war is not over. There are still republicans that are fighting the Joe Biden presidency. Joe alluded to this in his speech. Some 126 republicans filed a law suit with the Supreme Court. Although the court threw it out these morons are still trying to get their case heard. There also is others that plan to use the vote on the electoral college in Congress to derail the process. That is done on January 6th. This will fail and the republican leadership including Mitch McConnell is desperately trying to head this off. The problem here is that if they go through with this the Republicans will have to vote yes or no on trump. This vote is not about Joe Biden but actually a loyalty vote for trump. These people are dumb enough to think that there’s enough support for this and that Republicans will vote for party over country. But as has been already shown, there are enough votes against trump that this issue will die. But it will also show loyalty to trump or the obvious lack of it. Now nobody knows what trump might do. He’s already floated the idea that he won’t leave the White House. The question remains, will he be able to pull off his coup? If he doesn’t, will the various lawsuits catch up to him? These involve various things from I believe his denial of a rape charge many years ago to his dubious taxes and quite possibly insurance fraud. There’s already evidence that money changed hands in his campaign funds. It is said some 600 million has disappeared. They tried to float an idea that Brad Parscale knew where it went. Apparently, that idea flopped because although he worked on that most of the money disappeared after he left. It was then noted that Jared Kushner set up a super PAC of his own that was funneling money into people’s hands. There are members of the trump campaign that have been left holding the bag. Apparently, these people were dumb enough to sign on to another of the many trump grifting syndicates. My thoughts go out to them. It’s always bad when things fall apart and everyone takes a powder. Kinda like in one of those old Stooges movies where they ask for volunteers and everyone but the stooges takes one step backward. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Now Trump has everyone convinced that he’s going to run in 2024. I don’t see it. At his age, it will be hard for him to keep his name in the arena until then. And for the rest of the field, it overshadows their preparations. All in all, we won’t be rid of trump anytime soon. He’s going to be like a bad penny that haunts us for awhile.

This also has transferred down to the Senate. During the latest budget talks with the senate, it appears that they were trying to pull a fast one. It appears that Mitch McConnell is not the only one to watch. They thought they could slip a note in the next Covid Relief/ Government Budget that would make it illegal for Congress to enact any more Covid relief. Sly little minions. It’s to be expected that the Republicans want to hold a lid on Congress to keep them from doing any real recovery under Joe Biden. I’m afraid to say it, but that’s an old tactic. You have new kids on the block that will be pushing for the progressive caucus. Although there’s a movement on the Republican side they don’t have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  This will contribute to the Republicans’ ability to hide their dirty little secrets. She’s a bartender from the Bronx. And she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Pity the fool that crosses her.

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