Donald Trump’s Personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Shows His Face: Blacks and the Media are “The Enemy”


In a recent interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Rudy Giuliani showed the world where he stands. Cuomo said [Trump’s] message is: “The media is your enemy. The blacks are your enemy.” Giuliani’s response: “They are.”  Women appear to be the subject of contempt as well.


The disdain for blacks from the President’s personal lawyer has been unmistakable. There has been a prevalent perception that Trump and his cohorts like Giuliani are doing whatever they can to keep “old white men” from losing their current stronghold.

Rudy has made absurd statements like Black Lives Matter “wants to come and take your house from you.” This is nonsense; the focus of the movement is on the disproportionately poor, and too often murderous, treatment of blacks in America by the police. (A personal story sheds light on the poor treatment aspect.)


Similar to historical fascist regimes, the media appears to be the enemy as well. When one spews as many demonstrable falsehoods as the President, this is perhaps unsurprising. From mocking a disabled reporter to boorish behavior targeted at female minorities reporters, the President has made his position clear.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviews John M. Pierce, former lawyer for Rudy Giuliani and lawyer for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse.  (Screen shot from Manny Otiko.)

An entity called the #Fightback Foundation is collecting donations to combat the so-called “radical left” media, as well as for the defense of Kyle Rittenhouse; the mission of the outfit appears to align with Donald “Fake News” Trump. The Hill Reporter has said the Foundation “makes no pretense of neutrality,” and notes that an early version of the organization’s web page lay bare the organization’s agenda.

“With lies and fake news, the radical left mob attacks conservatives without accountability…The radical left sneers at the truth; they only care about power. They will deny science, logic, and evidence to get their way. They will even say 2+2 = 5 if it means they get power. They will lie, smear, and threaten if it means they get power…”

A lawyer named John M. Pierce, former counsel for Giuliani and counsel for Rittenhouse, was one of three Foundation founders.  The lawyer is also a big fan of Trump.  Pierce stepped down shortly after the Foundation’s formation in the face of concerning news about dodgy finances for him and his firm Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP.  A recent report about a spin-off law firm, Hecht Partners LLP, run by Pierce’s former road dog David L. Hecht, is also of interest.


President “Grab ‘em By the Pu**y” Trump seems to, at best, have less respect for women than men.  It appears the President’s personal lawyer, and Giuliani’s former lawyer Pierce, generally share Trump’s unflattering view.  Giuliani has been referred to as a “misogynistic fool” by Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe. Pierce is accused of expressing an “intense desire to kill” his ex-wife, he denied the accusation; however, Pierce’s former spouse has sought two domestic violence restraining orders.  In addition, a sampling of text messages from Pierce to his ex-wife is disturbing.


Blacks, media, and, the suggestion of women, as the apparent enemy.  It does not sound very “United,” nor does it sound like the “United States of America.”

We can, we should, and we need to, Do Better.



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Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown

Is that all that the Republicans can offer to America? An inversion of their warped truth and their shortsighted projections which surprisingly acurately describes them and their behaviors. All evel headed Americans see the disinfomation campaign just as they see the Republicans fear campaign that is actually their plan and their opportunity to do what they are accusing Democrats and other voter specific groups. Pathetic and transparently silly. We are not all asleep or so duped by the Trump Scam. GOTV!!!