Drop Everything. Trump Cultist DeAnna Lorraine Doubts QAnon and Trump ‘We’re Gonna Know the F***ing Truth In 25 Days’

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CBC News: The National / YouTube

DeAnna Lorraine is having a crisis of faith. Lorraine, who most recently ran in CA-12 to see if she could unseat Nancy Pelosi, is a QAnon Queen and major Trump supporter, not to mention COVID denier. She is questioning both whether Trump is in fact a deity “playing 5D chess” and she’s questioning the gospel of QAnon. My word, my word, heresy this high up in the cult. Oh, what will become of the Dreamsicle Deity with this level of dissension among the acolytes? Why this could impact the collection plate something fierce.

“Because we have so much trust in this plan, we always think [Trump] is playing 5-D chess, so anything that looks questionable, we think, ‘Okay, it’s a strategy — he’s playing 5-D chess. We don’t have anything to worry about.’ Is it possible that is a detriment to us? … and that possibly QAnon and this whole operation has possibly neutered the otherwise most powerful demographic in the world?”

‘…in about 25 days…we’re gonna know for sure — is Trump really the 5-D master chess player who is gonna just totally decimate the swamp and arrest all these deep state operatives, and everything we’ve seen up until now was just a massive — you know, all these brilliant chess moves … Is justice finally gonna be served? Are we finally gonna see that checkmate? Are we finally gonna see the traps closed? Or, we’re not. Or we’re gonna find out the truth. Maybe things failed. Maybe the QAnon operation wasn’t real. Maybe some things weren’t really the truth.”

Yes, let’s see if by January 20, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are arrested. Absolutely, let’s do that.

Can it be that these suckers are finally waking up. Be still my beating heart. Are they figuring out that there is no deep strategy, only massive stupidity?

Oh Donald, when you’ve lost DeAnna Lorraine……….



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I really hope that after Jan. 20th ,that these ignorant, mindless cretins realize that they have been duped ,grifted, lied to, taken advantage of and they turn on the trumps like the walking dead. How amazing it would be to see these brainless zombies coming for the entire trump Klan in search of restitution.