Michael Cohen Says He Would Have Been Granted A Pardon, Too, If He Didn’t Speak Out

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It must be fascinating to be one of Jared and Ivanka’s kids. Both of their grandfathers are criminals, but one crook was able to pardon the other because he happened to be president of the United States at the time. I’m sure that whatever these kids do in their lives, they will live on in history with that small footnote.

The pardon palooza will go on, undoubtedly, as Donald Trump counts down his last three weeks, two days in office. Today, again, his public schedule was empty but he did find time to post a propaganda video and several retweets on Twitter. He’s always got time for that.

Michael Cohen was asked to comment about Trump’s pardons.

I suppose the silver lining to the cloud is that Trump exposed how flagrantly the pardon power can be abused. This is an area which needs some constitutional guardrails. stat.


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Marie Tobias
Oh Hell, Donald has established the need for a Presidential infrastructure projects that look more like an interstate highway renovation. Guardrails my pink, hinny, the President needs Highway Walls, Traffic Laws, and all those hundreds of assumptions (gentlemen’s agreements), we’ve been living with for the last 50 years need to be codified, poured into concrete, and made to earthquake code. The next time a Trump-a-like runs for office, we stop him at turning in his 20 years of taxes. We need to make it really hard for criminals to run for office. We need to make it really easy to… Read more »

Well said!