Sen. Patty Murray, revealed Friday that she came “inches away” from an encounter with rioters.


I only saw this video today. She is one of my senators, and I have admired her for so long and for so many reasons. She shares in this 12 min interview, how the Jan 6, 2021 Capitol invasion came so very close to where she was getting ready for that days Senate business. Her husband of 49 yrs was with her and the emotions she shows and shared with Judy Woodruff, including anger, makes me believe the Democrats are not done with the cowardly GQP for their treachery.

“My husband sat with his foot against the door, praying that it would not break in,” said Murray, who grew visibly emotional recalling the incident. “It was a horrific feeling.”

(on hearing everyone being told to find their masks)

“I haven’t used mine or even know where it was since 9/11,” said Murray, who joined the Senate in 1993. “And I didn’t remember where it was, and I’m crawling across the floor trying to find a gas mask. That kind of fear is horrible.”

She spoke of fear, and how she was hoping her (GQP) Republican colleagues would not vote out of fear from one man, or the next election.

If you have a few minutes to watch, it is well worth it.

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