The Carnivals’ Main Event! One Trick Trump!


I am sitting here wondering what is going to become of this country. I read an article where a lady who is a representative in Georgia took a list of presumably illegal, fraudulent votes, and started reading it. She almost immediately saw a name she knew because the person was in her district. So she went further and saw another and then yet another one that she thought she knew. So she took the list which Rudy and his skulduggery crew have been going around waving in court and started checking the names. After she compiled a list she went to see these people. Supposedly dead or moved whatever. And they all were right there where the form said they were.  So when the crew came to town to wave their papers in their state house this lady was ready. She was like ‘I seem to have a problem with your research. It seems with minimal effort I found these people on your list quite easily’. Later, after the hearing, she told a reporter that if you are going to accuse people of committing a felony by saying they voted illegally you might want to check their story first.

And speaking of felonies what that person was doing by falsely accusing these people of illegal votes and voting illegally is a felony. I’m no lawyer but I do know that. Rudy and his crew going around this country and going into court with blatantly false information to try to steal the votes that were legally cast and legally counted as a felony. Now like I said, I don’t know exactly how it works. But I do know you can’t do that. And Rudy and his pets are making a career out of it. They have been bouncing all around the country so one thing I do know is that when you cross a state line for the purpose to commit a crime, it is a federal crime. Now so far it’s been all ‘look how stupid they are’. The court tossed the case. Well, last I heard they were trying to get a fourth count in Georgia. Now, this isn’t setting down to the kitchen table and figuring what coupons you have. It takes several people several hours to do this recount and every time they recount Georgia they find a couple more votes for Biden. And they are trying this in other states as well.

And on to other states. You have a moron in Texas that’s trying for a pardon from trump because he apparently got caught with his hand in the till. Knowing he’s guilty as crap and probably will go to jail he throws his hands in the air and decides that he can sue five states for committing voter fraud or some moron shit. And guess which states? Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. Now the people in charge of these states have met this with the rhetoric it deserves. They immediately told the idiot to mind his own business. But since he filed real cases in real courts they have to respond. And they have to get their lawyers to write up briefs for this and submit them to the appropriate court.

Now as if this wasn’t enough of stupid ignorant people wasting time some seventeen states have signed on to the suits. Apparently, the only way that a vote wasn’t fraudulent was if it was cast for Trump. Can anyone see the fascist, authoritarian clown show Trump in this mix? He’s finally got his one single beautiful lawsuit. And did I mention the guy in Texas is the attorney general? So since he filed the suit, to get himself out of whatever illegal crap he did, the case is being fast-tracked to the Supreme Court. And running around this country we have all sorts of armed militants stoking fear into ordinary citizens while these idiots go through the motions to take this to court.

And of course, just the other day the indomitable Rudy Giuliani accidentally managed to get one of his some forty-plus cases to go to the Supreme Court. And on that case which I have no idea which and Rudy probably doesn’t either. But the Supreme Court gave a nine and zero decision of tossing it out the window with a one-word statement. NO!

And of course all of these people walking around in their military fatigues looking like a bunch of Pillsbury doughboys. Are just chanting over their bullhorns “Stop The Steal” in front of any political figure they can get the address of. Now all this crap is not going to work. But you do have a multitude of dumbasses that signed on to this. Now I say that they should take this list. And oh yes, the idiots made out a list like the idiots they are. But the people in those seventeen states and whoever else might be involved and at the least vote them out of office. But in reality, they should demand that people are prosecuted. I mean we have armed men walking around courthouses like they own the place. The right to keep and bear arms doesn’t include terrorist activities. When are we going to grow a pair and start arresting these idiots starting with trump? Because if what he’s doing isn’t voter intimidation I don’t know what is. And I do know that’s a felony.

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