The Crucification Of Hunter Biden

FILE PHOTO: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden attend an NCAA basketball game between Georgetown University and Duke University in Washington, U.S., January 30, 2010. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst -/File Photo - RC18A0A41790

It has been noted that Hunter Biden has ties to the Ukraine. The Republicans have been pushing the conspiracy theory ever since Donald Trump got elected. You know, bad hair, orange tan.

I caught this clown Ron Johnson’s report yesterday. Oh, he’s so proud of himself. He investigated his BFF’s presidential opponents’ son over in Ukraine. This all came about because Trump heard rumors that Joe Biden might run for President in 2020. This scared the crap out of Trump because he knows that Biden has a lot of the same voters. And since he already got caught red-handed playing footsie with Russia, his image ain’t so hot. As a matter of fact, to use what Joe said, Trump knows Joe will beat him like a drum at the polls.

You see, what people don’t understand it’s about more than power, more than money. It’s about honor. And when you subvert honor for any reason it’s gone. Now that’s the problem that the Republicans have. They have subverted their honor, the honor of their party, and the honor of that flag that Trump so dearly loves to hump. First time I saw that, I came real close to needing to get a new TV.  I haven’t seen anything so repulsive.

You might ask why do I keep going on about Donald and Republicans if this is about Hunter?  Well let me explain that.

I am going to talk about Hunter. About how Senator Ron Johnson spent – who knows how many millions of dollars – to investigate Hunter. One thing I want to interject here. I want to help them do something, anything. Because these people can’t walk across the street without spending a million dollars. I mean come on, I know you see these reports . Five million here, ten million there. Hell I’m cheap, just give five hundred thousand tax free and I’m good. Okay, back to Hunter. Well, these clowns got on their high horses and they all went galloping off to Ukraine. They was going to find something wrong or die trying.  They searched high and they searched low, and after they all got untangled from them damn horses ,they got on the case pink panther style.

According to them, they found evidence that Hunter worked at Burisma. What a revelation. Yep, right on top of things. Now they also found that what Hunter did, although unethical, wasn’t that bad. And they found that although Burisma was corrupt while Hunter worked there, he had done moved on when Joe Biden came for the crooked prosecutor. All that was good. Now supposedly Hunter Biden then went on to get involved with people from Ukraine, and people from Russia and China. Now myself, I thought I would give this a couple days see where it would all fall. I wouldn’t want to heap anymore on Hunter if the Feds are after him.

And then I saw the Fox News poster child for a prophylactic, Sean Hannity running his mouth and that tore it. Hunter just has to understand. Mr. prophylactic is full of shit, but whenever he jumps on something like this, it usually means that fishy smell is coming from the report although I ain’t to sure about Hannity.

Anyway, I have a couple of conservative puke sites on my email. And one of them brought this up as a hot topic. I held my nose and checked it out. I don’t delete these crappy sites for this very reason. You just would be amazed what they get up to. They said pretty much the same thing. I think they are trying to get Hunter for laundering money or something. Anyway, they went into a little more detail considering what’s at stake. It seems that they all agree on one thing that Hunter wasn’t no choirboy. And here’s where if I were drumpf, I would ask for my money back. ‘Cause whatever he paid all these news rags, he’s getting screwed!

They said that although Hunter was bad, he didn’t hold a candle to old Donald. Old Trumper has been raking it in like he was cleaning up them western forests all by himself!

Now we all know how Mueller didn’t find much that way. Mainly because he wasn’t looking. But even still he did find enough for him to make some notes on it. And we all know that Trumps got his finances locked down tighter than a virgins’ legs on prom night, but according to these people, Trump is as dirty as they come.

Of course, that probably was mostly left out of the report that old Senator Ron Johnson delivered up to his Senate cronies. Now I rather like the way New York Magazine put it. Yep, Biden and Trump are corrupt. And neither one should be able to run for President. Why to hear them tell it, they ain’t seen corruption like this since the Nixon Watergate scandal! Donald Trump and Hunter Biden are too corrupt to be president…No wait, Hunter Biden? What gives? What about Joe Biden?

Turns out, Joe Biden has done nothing wrong. He would do just fine for President. That point was probably left out of Johnson’s report. After this circulates around the Hill, old Trump will probably be putting some more barricades up around the White House.

What I don’t understand is that this cupcake Ron Johnson thinks this will help Trump’s campaign. I don’t get it. It comes right out and plainly states that not only is Hunter corrupt it shows that Trump is too.

And it shows that Joe Biden pure as the driven snow…that is, if you can find a place where it still snows since climate change.

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J Timothy Ames
J Timothy Ames


Sick of the Con
Sick of the Con
This is like the Breonna Taylor investigation. Only charges that were brought were against 1 cop for shooting haphazardly and endangering some white neighbor. Not only mention of the actual dead victim. In this comparison, Biden would be breonna and hunter would be her boyfriend. Whatever Hunter is doing it could not be worse than anything any republican is doing (unless hunter is a republican). But I see no evidence of any job or degree Hunter has worthy of me looking at him any other way thsn any other privileged child’s kid. At least he is a lawyer, run his… Read more »