The destruction of the Republican Party

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I begin this as an essay on the history of the destruction of the republicans party. This brings me to my old history teacher. He’s one of a very few teachers that I got along with and respected. Every week he submitted a story of some sort to the local paper. Some of the better ones got picked up by a daily paper from a large metropolitan newspaper in a neighboring city. After all, he was quite good at telling a story. Whenever he started one of these it started the same way.

I take pen in hand. Then he would proceed from there. He’s long since passed away but I miss reading his stories. He was a big John Wayne fan and he liked Others in the old west. He was also a hardcore Democrat. Spent many years in the local Democratic Party. I bring him up as only a reference and as a witness of sorts. If he were alive today he would be very disappointed at the way things are now.

He lived and breathed politics and he knew all sorts of stuff from both sides of the aisle. I only wish I had talked to him more while he was here.

Now to get to the heart of why I decided to go there on the antics of the republicans. There is a group of republicans that just can’t stand that their clown got spanked by Joe Biden. Prior to the election, Joe Biden said he would beat Trump like a drum and he did just that. These people need to get over it. But instead, they keep racking up lies and falsehoods. Apparently, they think the rest of the country is stupid. They are trying to disenfranchise millions of legally cast votes to keep their clown in office. It escapes me why. Just one of his many great accomplishments is the COVID response. He has done nothing but lie about it, endlessly. He had his chance and he blew it. He preferred to golf at our expense. He has spent so much government money at his clubs that his office won’t give an accounting of it. And then you have the rallies that are nothing more than hits off some drug to soothe his ego. This has been reported many times and is the basis of why he lost.

But on the way, he’s destroying any semblance of decency in the republicans party. On one hand, you have Ron Johnson, who chairs the Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee. He finally admitted that Joe Biden won after over a month of Clown Trump trying to overthrow our government. And already this week Ron Johnson is attacking Joe Biden and his family. He’s bound and determined to find some wrongdoing even if it’s an unpaid parking ticket. They are claiming that the Bidens are profiting off his office. Have they met the Trumps? When it’s all said and done the Trumps will have set new records in this endeavor. I mean the president has earned the nickname Grifter Don. And I have some more names to add. You have Rand Paul who is working with Ron Johnson but you never know what he will do. Then you have two people from Alabama. Mo Brooks who is a long-serving representative. And there is a newcomer on the scene. Tommy Tuberville who is the Senator-elect from Alabama. These people think they can kick out legally cast ballots to reinstall Clown Trump in the White House. They are trying to do this with their only evidence being that Joe Biden couldn’t have beat trump with his seven million votes that got him 306 votes in the electoral college. A figure that Trump declared a landslide in 2016 when he ran against Hillary Clinton!

Trump has had I believe fifty-six lawsuits including two before the Supreme Court filed by his lawyer Sweaty Rudy Giuliani. These people are trying to subvert democracy which is listed in the constitution as a big no-no. The constitution says no person that messes with votes in any way or interferes with an election shall be seated in any government seat. Now at present, they are fairly safe on this because Mitch McConnell isn’t saying that much and Nancy Pelosi has said that we should proceed with caution on this.

Now I don’t think this would be complete without some input from another face. We have Jeniffer Horn who says she shall step down as the head of the New Hampshire Republican Party. She says the Texas lawsuit was the last straw. Coincidentally she is a member of the Lincoln Project. She says the Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln. It has become the party of Trumpism. And she does not believe in that. Her mother brought her up to do what you believe in and she no longer can stomach what the republicans have come to.

With all this, the republicans are afraid that these morons will force a vote on their precious baby and they will have to either sign on to the destruction or sign on to whatever lifeline they can muster. It’s going to be yea or nay to Trump. And whenever anyone confronts me and I disagree with them they accuse me of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Well, guess what boys and girls? And yes you have men and women in this crap. The Trump Derangement Syndrome belongs to the republicans that wish to subvert the constitution! These people know what they are doing and I wholeheartedly believe they should get their just rewards and join Trump in wherever he winds up. Prison is my ultimate hope. By the grace of there, ye go.

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Lindsey Graham said in 2015 that if they nominated trump it would destroy the republican party… Pretty ,much ALL of those idiots said the same thing. Yet within months they were all kissing his a$$ and defending him to the end. Makes me wonder just what he has on THEM.


The GOPunks were bamboozled, bullied, and played by a reality President who had little if any knowledge of Government. Way to fuck-up our nation. Wonder how your families will view your complicit behavior which wii be immortalized in US history/historical documents