The new age of politics and what Democrats need to do to join it

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There is a new age of computers and a multitude of ways to communicate. You have so many different platforms coming out it just makes my head spin. When I started on computers there was Twitter and Facebook. That all seemed good for a while. Then, someone created a way to communicate with video. Well, before you could do that while on your computer. But people didn’t want to carry a computer around. I won’t even go into this new age stuff myself. Probably when it gets more attention. Anyway, there is a way you can talk to each other and you can add friends to the conversation. People in my family just had a birthday party online. It was pretty cool since our family is scattered across two states.

Now, the reason I bring this up is that everyone knows that if a politician finds a new way to talk to a group of people he will be all over it. It’s the new age of communication. And with your young voters they check their video accounts religiously. I believe you can leave messages. It’s all Greek to me. But we have grandkids and we already know to keep up with them we will need to learn where and how.

That said, I will go into what I have read. AOC has come out with a reprimand and a challenge. She said the basic reason that the republicans won many seats and that we didn’t blow the orange mango out of the water is that they discovered these new ways to communicate. We all are aware of them but for some reason, Democrats seem to be reluctant to use them. They are from an era where you throw a bunch of money into TV ads and you are good. But you take your basic eighteen-year-old and ask him what was on TV last night and there’s a good chance he will say “what’s that?” You might have to say the thing your X-Box is hooked up to. Then it’s like, “I don’t know, that’s something my parents watch”. But they do know what’s up on the Net. Well, even Twitter and Facebook have ads and we have Trump’s ever-present Twitter crap exposing us to his evil crap.

Now a lot of young people are seeing these politicians on these different forums and with Democrats not getting involved the republicans become their heroes because they are on in front of them. Like, look at this. We had a Presidential election where the two candidates were in their seventies. We have the leaders of the House and Senate at 80 and 78 respectively. These people aren’t going to live forever. Hell, all my favorite bands have members in their sixties and seventies.

Now none of us will live forever although politicians hold out hope that they will. We need to engage with young people. I recently wrote an article titled The Young Voter And The Settle For Biden Movement. Settle For Biden is not just part of the title. It’s a new group started by a young man named Sam Weinberg. He is trying to reach out to these ultra progressives and teach them how to get their agenda heard. He’s telling them you need to take smaller steps and work with the people already there to get what you want. He says his group alone has about two hundred fifty-thousand followers. That’s no small potatoes considering he has just recently tried to get his views out there. This young man is only 18 years old. And guess where his group is. Instagram. Now he’s already working on other groups to pull it all together. He could soon be at a million followers. These are people in college and beyond looking for leaders to follow. That’s what AOC is talking about.

Now we have Joe Manchin out there a supposed moderate Democrat although I sometimes wonder about him. He gets a little too cozy with the republicans at times. Anyway, he just came out saying he’s not for any socialist agenda blah blah. He even went on Twitter to complain about what’s going on because that mean AOC called him on something. Well, guess what he just proved? He went on Twitter to complain. Not television, although he was in some Fox News article. He has vowed to block any socialist agenda that comes out. I wonder what he thinks Social Security is? Anyway, apparently, he was on some program called Special Report, which I have no idea what or where you get that. I do not watch any Fox News programming. But it is in my news feed. And there you are again, I probably haven’t watched any network TV in ages. And I am a forever young man in my sixties.

Now a lot of people will say that AOC is too far to the left and they don’t like her ideas. Well, let me remind you that there were two people elected to Congress that have ties to this Q crap. This is all coming and we need to embrace young people while they are still young. And if you don’t give them something to talk about why are they going to listen to you? The green new deal may sound a little extreme but our planet is dying. We need to do something or it’s gonna be like futuristic science fiction where everyone is running around in a barren wasteland fighting with clubs and bows and arrows. It is my opinion that we need to look strong and hard at what these young people are talking about. It’s going to be their world soon. We can at least teach them some of the basics. What I do see is that a lot of is that the older generation doesn’t want to let go. The answer to that is to find young people and show them the way. Then at the end of the day, you can at least say, “I Tried”.

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Marie Tobias
This is the problem for both sides… being an IT/IS kinda person on one hand but over 60 on the other, its easy to talk about the technology, and hard to deny the fact that I prefer to be able to smooch the face I’m talking to… its primal, go figure. That said… we are hurtling towards immersive telepresence. Younger folks adopt the tech while still in diapers and its as natural to them as breathing to us fossils. The problem is that Dems need to get with the program… there’s a reason the new iPhone 12 Pro can shoot… Read more »

The old people need to move over for the young. They both can learn a lot from each other.

Patriot Pete
Patriot Pete

Linda and Marie are correct. We need more AOCs and more Ed Markeys. There are so many financially poor republicans out there who would benefit from M4A and many are in WVa. We need to maximize all he media channels: tv, radio, FB, Twitter, etc. use it all to our advantage. We need to dig deep in out pockets and support Ossoff and Warnock in GA, call your friends and family who live there and ask them to vote BLUE.