The Second Trumpian Impeachment’s ‘Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy’s’ !


“Oh, Lordy !  Lordy !  Lordy !”  Maybelle groaned.

“Maybelle, what in tarnation is wrong with you, woman ?”  Sam asked as he set the groceries down on the kitchen counter.

“Sam, 43 of the Senate Republicans voted to acquit Donald Trump from being Impeached once again.  What a bunch of idiots !  Don’t they realize how much this decision betrays and convolutes the Rule of Law in the Eyes of most Americans ?”

“Once again, a White, Rich Man escapes Real Justice !”

“The Seditious Insurrection against Our Capitol Building and its Occupants goes unpunished, because 43 cowardly and selfishly power mongering Senators chose to go along with the Dark Underbelly rumblings and grumblings of the Fearful.  The Bigoted.  The Sexist.  The Xenophobic.  The Hateful and Divisive.  Instead of doing what is Best for the Country as a Whole !”

“The Dark Underbelly fears and hatreds that keep the whole wide World locked in false senses and sensiblities of Superiority, one over anOther.”

“And the majority of these misguided and misdirected Folks call themselves Christians.  These folks who hated the thought and sight of a Black Man being President in the White House, when Obama came along, and got voted into office.”

“Most of what has occurred since then has been a White Superiority backlash, as Others sought more Equal Justice and Standing in their Communities.  Folks who were tired of being looked down upon or excluded from things simply because they were considered different !”

“Christ tells us to Seek to Love EveryBody !  Everyone !  Red and Yellow, Black and White.  They are Precious in his Sight.  Jesus Loves the little Children of the World.  And we are All of Us Children of God.  And since God is God, He probably sees all of Us as little.”

“Can I get a word in edgewise, Maybelle,”  Sam asked.

“Why certainly, Sam,”  Maybelle said

“Not everybody Sees Life the way you do, Maybelle,”  Sam said slowly.

“I know that, Sam,”  Maybelle answered shortly.  “And I don’t expect them to.  But don’t run around telling everybody what a good Christian you are while spewing Hateful Fear and Destruction everywhere, and calling it God’s Will or God’s Work.”

“Those Insurrectionists raided and pillaged our Nation’s beautiful Capitol because Trump and his Henchmen riled them up for years to do so, and because they wanted to what he hoped they would do.”

“Trump is always speechifying about false equivalents like the White Aryans can march with the Protestors for Equal Justice for One and All for one reason or another.  And those White Aryans can run down and kill a sweet girl like the Equal rights Protestor, Heather, and Trump will defend the murderous energies of the day by saying that there were ‘Good folks on both sides‘.”

“His rallies were like the Hitler Rallies.  Meant to purely rile up old Hatreds and stir up old Fears of his predominately white crowds.  And that old Trumpian Democrat that Was hid behind the Republican Party to do it.  He became a Republican in order to enter the predidential race, and get his Rich buddies, and himself, lower to no taxes, while once again sticking it to the Middle Class, the Working Poor and those Folks he considers to be The Other.”

“Sam, they had his words about Fighting and heading on down to the Capitol to confront the Congress about his right to be King…I mean President, on video from his last Rally.”

“The Folks who broke glass and bashed down doors, and even beat up. maimed and killed our Capitol Police in order to get into our Capitol, chanting ‘Hang Pence and Kill Nancy’ admitted to and said that they went to the Capitol to overtake it at Trump’s Invitation and Say So.”

“ Lordy ! Trump has yet to publicly concede the loss of the lection to Joe Biden.  And thank heavens, America is in the Able Hands of President Biden, because he truly loves America, Her Democratic Ideals and All Peoples in general.  He strives to Be a Good and Just
Human Being.”  

“And the Impeachment Manager, Mr. Castro, was right.  And even that Tricky-Dicky McConnell admitted that Trump was guilty but had been let off on a foolish technicality.  A technicality of McConnell’s own making when he refused to let the Impeachment Trial to be held before Trump had to leave The White House.”

“And Trump still has not admitted that he lost the Presidential
Race.  His Impeachment lawyers did.  But Trump never did !”

“And now Trump’s saying that his so called movement has only just begun.  As though his so called movement is anything new.  His movement is old as history.  A spoiled and rotten to the core Rich Man, and his Family, get Power they never should have had in the first place due to fear and hate based manipulations.  And once they get it, they have no intention of letting it go.  Their greed knows no end.  They are Power and Money hungry Grabbers and Gobblers !”

“But the Ideas of Democracy ring true to Folks, because most Folks are pretty Balanced in their approach to Life.  Allow Folks a Society and Economy that allows them to attain as much wealth as they need for Food, Clothing and Shelter while working at Jobs they like or afford them Dignity and Appreciation within their Society, and that Society will run like a well oiled clock.  But begin to insert Dis-eases of Superiority, One over anOther, and Economic Inflations that favor the Rich over the Middle Class and the Working Poor and the Balance is destroyed, and eventually will destroy the Democracy itself.”

“And, yes, Sam, I know that’s a pretty simplistic way at looking at things, but for the most part it really is just that simple.  Treat Others as You would like to be Treated.  Equal Rights and Opportunities for One and All within a Fair and Just Social Order.”

“We have got to Stabilize and Balance our Society, Sam.  And the Love of One anOther is what does that.  Because that means that We’re All looking out for one another. That the Systems of Government, Business and Economy that we Create are All looking out for Everyone, not just The Few.”

“Trump getting away Scott-free once again with his Crimes against Humanity that he sees in opposition to his greedy needs, is giving a signal to all the paramilitary, and conscious and unconscious White Aryan idealist and vengeful Grievance Thinking and Feeling Folks the go ahead toward more Hateful and Destructive Violence in the Future.”

“You don’t know that, Maybelle.  Some folks say that the Criminal courts are gonna catch up with Trump and his Family.”

“Sam, the Trump’s plan to run for office.  Don Jr. plans to run for president because his daddy is getting long in the tooth.  Many of the Rich become Autocratic by nature because they honestly think that having money makes them better than and more important than anybody else.”

“They want to give rise to Corporate Empires that rule the World, and manipulate Everyone, including World Governments, to their own agendas.  They’re no different than the Monarchs and Dictators from the past.  They are all cut from the same bolt of warped and fraying cloth.  Their insatiable greeds and needs are foremost.  Everybody else is an afterthought or a Pawn to be used and at times abused.”

“Maybelle, you have been reading too many of those books on that new computerized Tablet of yours.  Maybe you should slow down, and focus more on your Church Lady meetings or expanding the Family Garden.”

Maybelle stared at her husband for a while before saying, “Oh, Lordy !  Lordy !  Lordy !”

“Sam shook his head uncertainly saying, “ I guess I’m in for it now.  I have a feeling that I‘m gonna be eating a ham sandwich for dinner instead of chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy.”

“There’s mayo and pickle relish in the frig, Hon.  This Church Lady is headed out to tend to the Family Garden by hanging out the Family wash,”  Maybelle said as she quietly slid out the back door with a large basket of clean, wet clothes and clothes p

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Marie Tobias
Germany had “Kristallnacht” America has “Capitol Day.” Germany had the “BrownShirts”, America has “Proud Boys” and “Oath Keepers.” Hitler had his “Protestant Church leaders”, and “Donald” has his “Religious Right Leaders'” The parallels are shocking and obvious. The differences are equally stark and fascinating. The most important being that Donald desperately hoped to whittle our government down from the immense redwood it is, to a stick he could wield as a bludgeon. He made shocking progress in only 4 short years, but the job was simply too great. The government resisted him at every turn. Worse, his own mental and… Read more »