The transition of power, and Trumperstiens attempts to subvert it

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I have been sitting back watching these clowns run around and try to undermine Democracy. It’s nothing new. Trump has been at this since he realized he had a chance of winning. It’s what his whole presidency has been about. From his playing footsie with Vladimir Putin to his attempts to discredit Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Trump has known all along that Biden would win if he faced him. Which is why he risked impeachment to try to subvert the Ukraine conspiracy. There was no conspiracy till trump and his troll showed up. Between him and his so-called lawyer that should be in some place drying out instead of on the street endangering anyone within smelling distance. Yes, Rudy is a drunk. I am one too. That’s what gives me the ability to tell what Rudy is. Just look at what the clowns did. Four Seasons Total Landscaping my ass. I think the clown that pulled that one off deserves a medal. But enough about the clowns around the clown. Everyone says that he can’t really do anything. He’s helpless behind his screen of people. No one would actually try to subvert Democracy in America.

Did you happen to catch Pompeo? There will be a peaceful transition to another four years of Trump. AG Barr said you have the right to investigate ballots. The two rejects from hell. His supposed sons asking people To go out and vote and to go out and commit other inveterate mayhem. What everyone fails to recognize is that trump and family all face felonies if he doesn’t get elected and loses his presidential immunity. He’s spent five years showing us that he can do what we said he couldn’t do. And he’s been very successful at it.

I told people a long time ago this clown was going to be trouble. I watched an interview of Robert De Niro by Ari Melber. He said we need to be careful of trump. Trump doesn’t understand empathy. All he understands is power and his need to have the most power in the room. Trump spent too much time with dictators. And true to form if they can’t get the power from their followers they just reach out and take it. This is plain to see from his followers. We have seen what they are willing to do. These people are sick with the glow of power.

The one thing they don’t understand is that America functions because we don’t allow dictators. People from around the world know this. They are watching what’s happening. Now I am not saying that trump will try to take the country. Problem is four years ago people said he wouldn’t run for office and or win. And here we are.

I certainly hope there is a peaceful transition of power to Joe Biden. Trump has left scars on our country that will be there forever. He has shown us what can happen. We need to fix this so it can’t happen again. And we do need to remember that trump is not a patient man. Waiting four years when he already has his hand on it. I am sure we all remember the Bible and the church trump stood in front of. What you should do is go back and watch how he handled himself in front of that church. I will give you a hint. Take Bible, look at it then hold it up in the air. Now notice I said look at it. It was, “what the hell is this?” “oh yeah”, hold up in the air. Then there was no stage set up. No curtains to slip behind. That book was burning his hand. He had to figure out how to get rid of it barring throwing it on the ground. I could tell that flashed in that big, dumb, orange head.

I gave this post the title of Trumperstien. We created this monster. We need to shut it down. We need to lock it away to keep it away from our friends and family. Believe me, these people are desperate. Desperate people do stupid things. And with trump, that’s all he knows. I sincerely hope I am wrong, although I fear I am right.


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Donald is a parasite… he will take precisely as much as you let him take before injecting yourself with a powerful antibiotic and killing his sorry orange ass. We have to continually recontextualize this. Bring more and more people into a running dialog… the wall is cracking… let the dynamite and jack hammering commence in earnest… 1. Donald is hunkered down, like Hitler at Die Führerbunker… knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that on 01/21/21, his ass goes from orange to target colored. 2. He’s having delusions of running in 2024, which will be super hard from prison, and… Read more »