What To Do With An Authoritarian Dictator In A Democracy


As I sit here contemplating that – what to do with an authoritarian dictator in a Democracy – I am wondering where we went wrong?  I can’t remember the exact moment but there has been a stench around the Republican Party for years. I do remember all the hullabaloo about the Tea Party. And I thought that might end normal government. But eventually, that blew over and there were other groups and crazies. I had been involved in politics before but the advent of the crazies just turned my stomach. This went on for a few years and things got all bent around me. Eventually, I was in one too many accidents and they decided it might be better if I didn’t work for a while. I later got in some rehab went back to work only to finally start to pay attention to the news.

Now, I say I was involved in politics but I had never registered to vote. I had my reasons, although they weren’t that great. Then twenty-sixteen rolled around and the Republicans elected this clown, Trump. After that, I kinda was just in awe of how people could be so stupid. I have one of those minds where I can store odd things. I can remember my mom going off about this clown back in the seventies. I knew he was a racist a-hole from the start. I decided that it’s time to get involved because you can’t bitch if you don’t play. After that I started watching and waiting, and I registered to vote. Then in 2017, I twisted wrong at work and they said that my name and work weren’t going to be in the same sentence any longer. And oh yeah, met a girl with a predominately Democratic family. Birds of a feather. That was a cool trip down memory lane. Only thing is why do we still have a wannabe dictator sitting his fat rear in our White House? Pisses me off.

Now we have reports out of the White House that Trump has been entertaining some unusual guests there at the White House. Yep, the chick from Mars Sidney Powwow. And newly pardoned Michael Flynn, and on the phone, we got old sweaty Rudy. I guess he didn’t fully melt the other day. And what was the topic on the table? Invoking Martial Law to take over the country. Now where I went to school, that would be called treason. Now you have two sets of clowns here. You got the ones that are led by Rudy that just want to declare Martial Law and get it over with. Then you have the other clowns that are working on the Texas lawsuit that they have somehow got back in front of the Supreme Court. At this point, those groups are kinda hamstrung because the Supreme Court is either going or gone on Christmas break. But these clowns have a plan to force a vote on the electoral college when it goes to Congress next year. And it seems that there are more Republicans gathering to jump into this crap.

This whole ordeal makes me wonder how these people keep getting away with this crap? I mentioned the Tea Party and it was a while ago but they had their stunts. I believe nowadays that the new Republicans are a group in turmoil. They can’t decide what the initiation should be. I mean with gangs it’s blood in blood out. Of course, everyone knows Trump is a draft-dodging coward. But he’s got money to pay someone to do his initiation for him. Of course, I got dibs on the old High School thing where they vote on where the kids going to be in twenty years. Yep, they got voted dumbass of the school. Kinda nostalgic. It’s better than the reality where we have our countries lawmakers openly and in front of god and country conspiring to commit treason. The least these clowns should get in my opinion is that they don’t get there get out of jail free card and get a seat in our damn government!! If Democrats had tried this they would have had expedited hearings and impeached them and referred criminal charges. Come on, Nancy. I’ve got respect for you. But you need to grow a pair and take these clowns down! They are doing it in your court!!  And the bastards are winning.

I mean, if you are going to write laws to add to our damn constitution, you should at least read the thing. And I know that I said Trump was dumb but I read the other day that the part about treason and sedition is in the first article. You know the one Trump skipped over to get to his now-famous article two. I got a size eleven boot I’d like to shove up his article two!

The one thing that should never happen is that Trump should somehow get elected again. He’s already proven he’s an idiot trying to be a dictator. This world has enough of those already.  Where’s the 25th amendment when you need it?

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William H. Murphy
William H. Murphy

The 25th is evidently over in some corner with a ton of dust on it! Martial law is reserved for insurrection, NOT election fraud, whether real with good evidence or not legit, as the case here. To talk of it in a serious way MUST BE treasonous. These people AREN’T playing, although bumbling. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

J. M.
J. M.

Ask puny pence and moscow about the 25th. Their the ones that could’ve got that party started. They chose this grotesque nightmare we’re living instead. Their hatred for America and all it stands for is diabolical and vile. I wish nothing but misery for them forever.