What Were the Insurrectionists Actually Up To?


I’ve been watching the news closely for weeks, and I still can’t figure out exactly what the insurrectionists were up to.  Did Trump just unleash the whirlwind with nothing but a love of chaos?  Or did he actually have a plan?

The rioters erected a gallows near the Capitol.  There were many cries of “Hang Mike Pence.”  Was that actually the main goal?  If they had actually killed Pence, I’m sure the Congress would have found a way to continue the electoral vote counting presided over by the Senate President Pro Tem.  There was no way the electoral votes were going to be returned to the states.  WTF was Trump thinking?

My own belief is that Trump actually wanted the mob to murder Pence, vaguely believing that that would somehow prevent Biden from being certified as the winner of the election.

In that case, Trump is guilty of incitement to murder and maybe attempted murder.

I’m glad to see the cable TV discussion start to shift to Trump’s criminal liability.


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Do you think Trump was trying to murder Mike Pence?

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Do you think Trump was trying to murder Mike Pence?

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Jeb Barrett
Jeb Barrett

I doubt that he has the capacity to think anything through regarding how things affect anyone but DJT. That is a true antisocial narcissist.